Dogs and dog supplies for sale in South Padre Island, TX

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Candi -- a white and gray, female Pit bull Terrier -- was found abandoned on the island. She looks like she recently had pups, and after being seen by the veterinarian we now know that she has mammary cancer. She had surgery and is recovering beautifully. Candi is incredibly cute and affectionate.
Spike is a very great boy who was abandoned on South Padre Island. He is heart worm positive but is currently being treated, and will live a totally normal and healthy life. Spike is incredibly sweet and loves to be with his humans. He does like to play with other dogs, but he can get a little frisky (if you know what we mean). So he may need to learn some manners in that regard, but he's a fan...
Sam is a lover who wants nothing more than to just be with his humans. From what we can gather Sam had a hard life being ending up in our care, so he doesn't like other male dogs and he doesn't like cats. But he does really well with children and will give you lots of kisses.
Winn Dixie is an full grown, female labrador available for adoption at Friends of Animal Rescue. This little girl was abandoned on the island with a bad leg and an even worse eye. She's doing MUCH better now and is extra cute. She is heart worm positive, but is being treated and will be just fine. From what we can tell she may need to be an only child, but she'd make a good companion. If you ar...
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